sXe Straight Edge Tribe

public - created 08/07/03
ANTI: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, meat, dairy, casual sex

PRO: punk/hardcore, animal rights, keeping your body free of POISON... RSS Feed what is XML?

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South Carolina
sXe ravers?  topic
a common sxe topic!  topic
Questions  topic
Reactions  topic
searching for SXE  topic
sxe clothing  topic
Chronic Illnesses and Toxic Chemicals Database  topic
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sXe clothing!  topic
Rare records for sale! Unbroken / Converge / et...  topic
Straight Edge Music  topic
NYC  topic
Tattoos, not straight edge?  topic
Legal Music Sharing/not downloading - free musi...  review
I'm a little confused  topic
I broke edge a long time ago  topic
Edge and Fitrah?  topic
SUPPORT  topic
Breaking Edge.  topic
Documentary  topic
Queer sXe  topic
Third Annual Straight Edge Fest  topic
new ideas  topic
truly straightedge.  topic
teen vogue story  topic

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